Screenplay ” NANO TATTOO in front of me. Let’s see what the characters are up to this snowing evening in Boston.

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butter 018

Today marks the end of a very demanding 10 day stretch at the hotel I am employed as a sous chef. 2,200  attendees for banquets the last five days and before that, 1,300 . Room service ,busy ! restaurant! busy and breakfast super busy. I stayed at hotel the last 3 days because of snow and now ? , ahhh , now ,I am and on my sofa ready to enjoy the  next 3 days of peace and quiet. Off , I am,  with a heart set  on writing , sleeping and marketing the super novella , Knight in the Forest of the Pons. I also plan to read http://www.amazon.com/The-Corpse-Exhibition-Other-Stories/dp/0143123262 . What are your plans ?