“you can, you s…

“you can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”
Stephen King

Oh yes, it takes courage and bravery. Hard work too

Put the smile on and let them think you are crazy

From Huff Books

It’s no secret that reading is an excellent pastime. But sometimes, at the end of a long day, it’s easier to switch on Netflix than reach for the novel you were so excited about, but have yet to start. Don’t be dissuaded! There are major advantages to being a book lover. Here are 17, to start:

1. You’re never bored. Public transportation? Grab a book. Doctor’s waiting room? Grab a book. Your friends are ignoring you because you “never come out” and “are always too busy reading”? You guessed it: Grab a book.

2. You have an easy, cut-and-dry filtering system for potential dates. This can be a disadvantage, too; “I don’t read” is a relationship death knell, even if everything else is going smoothly.

3. While everyone else is stuck living just one, probably kind of boring life, you get to experience hundreds of lives, and explore the consciousnesses of hundreds of people. It’s like telepathy, but better.

4. You get to learn while you exercise! And by exercise, we mean hold up 1Q84 while reading it in bed. Your arm strength is impeccable.

hold book read outside

5. You can talk about all of the major blockbusters before they even come out. SPOILER ALERT: Peeta is a total dreamboat.

6. You have the perfect quote for every situation. Like right now: “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” – Stephen King,On Writing

7. Similarly, you know the perfect word to describe every situation. Your vocabulary is stellar.

8. You are the easiest person in the world to buy gifts for.

book present

9. The varying perspectives offered by characters from books is basically free therapy; you receive good advice about living well on a regular basis.

10. No cable or Internet due to inclement weather? No problem! You were planning on reading tonight anyway.

11. Better readers are better writers.

12. You are in possession of an endless wealth of conversation starters.


13. You don’t have to fret over smart or beautiful decor for your home; your collection of books takes care of that for you.

14. You have read so many books that you’re able to endow your own life with excitement and drama.

15. According to a recent study, reading enhances your brain’s connectivity. That’s right – there’s scientific proof that reading makes you smarter.

16. You get to travel to far corners of the world, past and present. You can witness a century’s worth of Colombian history or witness the relationships amongst citizens of Elizabethan England.

 17. The new super novella by Joshua Heights , Knight in the Forest of the Pons.


Sturge – Weber Syndrome

Now that the super novella, ” Knight in the Forest of the Pons” ( Journey to the Syndrome ) has been released and available at all distribution outlets it is time for me to explain the syndrome that has my own daughter in its most illusive grasp. I do this to bring awareness to those who have not heard of this rare brain disorder, and for better understanding when reading the story from my ( a fathers) perspective.

The History of Sturge-Weber Syndrome

Dr. William Allen Sturge (1850-1919)



Dr. Frederick Parkes Weber(1863-1962)




Sturge-Weber Syndrome (encephelotrigeminal angiomatosis) is a congenital, non-familial disorder of unknown incidence and cause. It is characterized by a congenital facial birthmark and neurological abnormalities. Other symptoms associated with Sturge-Weber can include eye and internal organ irregularities. Each case of Sturge-Weber Syndrome is unique and exhibits the characterizing findings to varying degrees.

Facial Birthmark

The most apparent indication of Sturge-Weber Syndrome is a facial birthmark or “Port Wine Stain” present at birth and typically involving at least one upper eyelid and the forehead. Much variation in the size of the stain has been reported and may be limited to one side of the face or may involve both sides. The birthmark, varying from light pink to deep purple, is due to an overabundance of capillaries just beneath the surface of the involved skin. In persons with dark pigmentation, the stain may be difficult to recognize. In rare instances, there is an absence of a Port Wine Birthmark.

Neurological Abnormalities

Neurological concerns relate to the development of excessive blood vessel growth on the surface of the brain (angiomas). These are located typically on the back (occipital) region of the brain on the same side as the port wine birthmark. These angiomas create abnormal conditions for brain function in the region. Seizure activity is the most common early problem, often starting by one year of age. The convulsions usually appear on the opposite side of the body from the Port Wine Stain and vary in severity. Vigorous attempts are made to control the seizures with medication. A weakening or loss of the use of one side of the body (hemiparesis), may develop opposite to the port wine stain. Developmental delay of motor and cognitive skills may also occur to varying degrees.

Other Manifestations

Increased pressure within the eye (glaucoma) is another condition which can be present at birth or develop later. The incidence of glaucoma in patients with Sturge-Weber is approximately 70% and 40% for choroidal lesions. The glaucoma is usually restricted to the eye which has the stain involvement. Enlarging of the eye (buphthalmos) can also occur in the eye which has been affected by the stain. Multiple other body organs are rarely affected in Sturge-Weber syndrome. Infants affected with Sturge-Weber Syndrome are often monitored by a pediatrician, neurologist, ophthalmologist and dermatologist.


Laser treatment is available to lighten and or remove port wine birthmarks in children as young as one month of age. Anti-convulsants are used to control the seizures. VNS implants and brain surgery can be also be utilized for seizure management. Eye drops or oral medications are used to control the glaucoma. Should topical or oral medications not prove effective, the next step would be surgery.

In 1992, E. Steve Roach, MD classified the SWS spectrum, delineating for the first time the varying degrees of involvement previously noted in this condition.

Type 1

he most common, this type involves both facial and leptomenigeal (brain) angiomas (vascular malformations) and may involve glaucoma. Seizures usually occur within the first year of life, as a result of the brain involvement. The ocular involvement is normally noted within the first year of life, as well. The white portion of the eye may appear “bloodshot” as a result of the over-proliferation of blood vessels on the eye. In rare cases, the facial and brain involvement are bilateral (involving both sides of the head). Mental and physical development can be impaired to varying degrees, depending on the amount of vascular birthmark throughout the brain and eye.

Type 2

This type involves a facial angioma and the possibility of glaucoma, but no evidence of intracranial disease. There is no specific time-frame for the exhibition of symptoms beyond the initial recognition of the facial PWS. Throughout the life of the individual, interrelated symptoms may manifest in glaucoma, cerebral blood flow abnormalities, headaches, and various other complications. Additional research needs to be conducted on this type of SWS to determine the course of the syndrome over its natural progression.

Type 3

This type of SWS is commonly noted to have a leptomeningeal angioma, with no facial involvement and usually no development of glaucoma. Commonly referred to as forme fruste, this type is identified through brain scans. It can also be confused with other diagnoses prior to a brain scan with contrasting agent. While social stigma is lessened by the absence of PWB, the unknown natural course of the syndrome is still frustrating for parents and professionals treating the condition.




My wonderful and beautiful daughter enjoying the Taylor Swift concert .  My heart melts when I look at her expression… ” The one who blooms “


So, there you have it.  My new book, “Knight in the Forest of the Pons”, is now published and I felt the need to streamline my blogs, yes, blogs.  I have a blog for the ever popular novella, “TEAR AVENGER”, and a blog for the sleeper hit book of poems, “Love, Marriage, Friendship, Hate”.  I have been spending a lot of time with the PONS blog, visiting the TEAR AVENGER blog every day just because I have to, and not visiting the LOVE HATE blog at all.  Friends, this is like juggling a wife and two girl friends.  Oh yes, it can be done.  But to what degree does a man want to slowly kill himself?  

Today, I made the decision to get a divorce from the TEAR AVENGER blog, break it off with the LOVE, HATE blog (I did this to her by text.  I know, pretty shitty.  But hey, that’s how they do it these days.), and just live with the Pons.  They were all rather upset with my news.  Plates were thrown, names were called, and fingers were pointed.  Being the peacemaker that I am, I came up with an idea.  I said to them very gently, “Hey gals.  Let’s live like those whatcha call its in Colorado.”  The girls looked at each other with perplexed “WTF is Josh saying?” faces.  Then like a flash of gun powder popping, TEAR AVENGER shouted and pointed a finger at me saying, “Are you telling us that you want to live like Mormons in POLYGAMY ?!”  I told her I did not know where Polygamy was located and, without hesitation, said sharply, “YES!”  Well, you should have seen them.  The Pons stood there aghast, while TEAR AVENGER screamed to the heavens “YOU &*(^%$# ASSHOLE.”  What about LOVE AND HATE, you ask?  She just shrugged her shoulders and grinned.  She is such a poet.  After all was said and done, we decided to live together at the JOSHUA HEIGHTS BLOG.  It’s nice here and everything is under one roof.  If I need one of the gals, well, they’re all here living with me in Polygamy.  Stay tuned for updates.  There is going to be a doozy coming and her name is NANO TATTOO.  She’s hot and moving in soon.  Welcome all, to the new blog of author, Joshua Heights, and his telling tales.